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The Safety Leadership course is intended for anyone in a leadership role: board members, the executive director, program managers, volunteer coordinators, and supervisors. Think broadly about who has a lot of influence in your nonprofit — perhaps you have a long-time volunteer that everyone turns to for informal advice. That’s an excellent person to take the Safety Leadership course, too.

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You are critical to keeping your people safe and healthy. Your leadership is vital to protecting your organization’s assets. This resource is designed to help you be proactive in how you serve your organization as a safety leader.

As a safety leader, you will be ready to:

  • Explain your leadership role in safety and health.
  • Integrate safety into decision-making.
  • Support an organizational culture that reflects your commitment to safety and health.
  • Produce an Accident Prevention Program that reflects the true needs of your organization. 

As a safety leader, there are three main topics for you to know. In this course you will complete these three units:

  1. General safety law
  2. Safety culture
  3. Safety systems

Afterwards, you’ll take the Safety Leadership Quiz and get your Safety Leadership Certificate.