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Course Description

The Food Safety course is intended for anyone in your organization that works with food or manages other people that work with food. Think broadly throughout your organization. Many of you wear multiple hats to make your organization work. Even if you’re not in the food sector, many events involve the handling and storage of food. Hence, you are likely all excellent candidates to take the Food Safety course–staff, volunteers, and board members. Welcome aboard!


You are critical to keeping people safe and healthy. Food is at the heart of your work. You will receive food from a variety of sources. You need to make sure that food is safe to eat. This resource is designed to help you protect the people you serve from food-related harm.

Through this module, you will learn how to:

  • Explain why food safety is a priority within your organization.
  • Describe the three main causes of foodborne illness and how to store food to protect it from contamination.
  • Describe ways to maintain proper personal hygiene to reduce contamination from people.
  • Name some key storage rules necessary to keep food safe

This resource is designed to help you be proactive in your knowledge of and necessary actions for you to take to ensure food safety. In this course you will complete these five units:

  1. Introduction to Food Safety
  2. The Foodborne Illness Formula
  3. Food Safety Actions
  4. Hygiene and Food Safety
  5. Hazards that Impact Food Safety

Afterwards, you’ll take the Food Safety Quiz to earn your Certificate in Food Safety.