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Course Description

The Ergonomics course is intended for staff, volunteers, and board members–in short everyone who works with or for you. Our workspace environment affects our ability to work efficiently and has an impact on our well being. This course will bring awareness to help you protect yourself and others.

Download the Ergonomics Guide (the course workbook) in English

Download the Ergonomics Guide (the course workbook) in Spanish


Your mission depends on people and their physical well-being. You rely on staff and volunteers lifting, sorting, and administering your program. They rely on you to create a work environment that protects their comfort and health. This resource on ergonomics is designed to help you protect the people delivering your mission from strains or stresses that could impact their short or long-term well-being

Through this module, you will learn how to:

• Explain why ergonomics is a priority for your organization.
• Name key ergonomic principles and how they relate to the work of your organization.
• Describe important ergonomic considerations related to lifting, standing, and sitting.
• Demonstrate several ways to avoid back injuries, one of the leading Worker’s Compensation

There are five main topics for you to know about ergonomics. We have divided them into four units, with one video lesson for each:

Unit 1

  • What ergonomics is and why it matters
  • Ergonomic principles

Unit 2

  • Body position

Unit 3

  • Lifting and exertion

Unit 4

  • Repetitive motion

Afterwards, you’ll take the Ergonomics Quiz and get your Ergonomics Certificate.