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Topic #4

What to Do When Someone Is Injured

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You may be in a place to help when someone is injured. Use this card to know what to do.

The FACTS: What you need to KNOW

1. Call 911 if it is a life-threatening emergency.

A safety committee lead or manager should make sure the following is written down and posted in a prominent place for everyone to see.

2. Who to contact at your organization:

3. Where first aid supplies are kept:

4. Where you can find an injury reporting form:

5. Where the nearest clinic or hospital is located:

THE ACTIONS: What you need to DO

Follow the 3 C’s of first aid: Check that the person is stable, Call for help, including 911 if necessary, and Care for the person until help arrives.

Pay attention to vital information: when did the accident happen, where did it happen, who was involved, and what did the person experience? This information may help the person, as well as helping your organization avoid future accidents.

Make sure an accident injury report is completed. If the injured person isn’t able to do it, you may have to take the lead on this.

Remember how you are feeling through the accident as a motivator to get more first aid training. Training can reduce stress and increase confidence.