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Learn, review, and discuss safety video transcript (PDF)

Links, Resources & More

  • View a complete list of volunteer safety topics from Volunter Safety Hero.
  • Take a free safety course from Nonprofit Safety Hero.
  • Learn more about OSHA and WISHA laws that govern workplace safety for both volunteers and paid workers.
  • Use the free APPapp to help your organization create an Accident Prevention Program.
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Volunteering is a great way to spend your time helping a cause. But in order to really help the cause, you need to know how to volunteer safely.

Whether you are a regular volunteer, a board member, or someone who’s just here for the day, you should always take a few minutes to review safety procedures. We’ve provided these cards and videos to help you do that quickly and efficiently.

The FACTS: What you need to KNOW

  1. There are federal (OSHA) and state (WISHA) laws that govern workplace safety. In Washington, the WISHA regulations are more specific.
  2. Nonprofit workplaces are required to follow the same safety laws as for-profit organizations.
  3. The indirect cost of a safety incident can be 2.7 times the direct cost. That kind of expense is something nonprofits cannot afford. We need to avoid safety incidents!
  4. As a volunteer, you have a right to a safe workplace and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job.

THE ACTIONS: What you need to DO

Read each safety card that applies to the work you are doing, or use the QR code on the card to watch the videos.

Find and review the Safety Bulletin Board at your organization. It contains valuable information to prevent accidents and address any that occur.

Ask to see the Accident Prevention Program (APP) at your organization. The APP is a written document, required by law, that contains information about safety at your facility.

Talk with other volunteers about your plans to use what you’ve learned in your work.