Nonprofit Safety Hero is a free, one-stop website for nonprofit safety and health planning and training resources. We designed these tools to make it easy for you to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Your mission is too important for accidents and illness to get in the way.

Find the resources that match your role and interests.

Executive director

Does your nonprofit have an Accident Prevention Program?

Watch a short video that explains why it’s required by law.

Then go to our free document generator, the APPapp, to create yours.


On the safety committee? We have lots of resources you can use for meeting agendas and your Safety Bulletin Board.

Board member

Check out our board resources page.

Learn about the Risk Bow Tie worksheet and watch the 3-minute video that explains this helpful tool.

(and staff)

Read about the top 20 safety topics, or watch a 2-minute video on your phone. Available in both English and Spanish.

Watch one of the highlight reels for a quick safety tip.

Volunteer coordinator

Learn about free resources to keep your volunteers safe.

Download the Guide to Volunteer Safety.

Take the Volunteer Safety Course and get a certificate.

Tip: Our highlight reels are perfect for safety meetings!

Watch a short video to learn about free tools and training from Nonprofit Safety Hero.

Download the transcript for this video.

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